XCD Nutrition Vapor XS 30 servings

XCD Nutrition

XCD Nutrition Vapor XS


The ever-popular Vapor Lipo Vaporizer is one potent little tub of Gold(literally).

This little gold tub contains an all-star roll call of potent fat burning ingredients designed to tackle three key points of weight loss.

1.Uncoupling of stored fat for use as energy.
2.Increased metabolic rate & energy expenditure.
3.Control cravings & elevate mood.

VaporXS is the new exciting fat burning formula. Extreme thermogenic qualities combined with an ECA like effect makes it one of the most potent fat burning tools you can get. VaporXS is the most fun and effective product to burn fat.

VaporXS is a potent thermogenic fat burning agent designed to increase mental alertness, control appetite and incinerate unwanted stored fat. Combining 6 core ingredients, VaporXS leaves no stone unturned, utilizing key amino acids and extracts to stimulate the breakdown, transportation, and burning of body fat. All too often a fat burner focuses on the stimulant but forgets about ensuring body fat can be broken down effectively.

VaporXS relies on key ingredients to break down stored fat, while also combining industry renowned fatty acid transportation amino acids, which ensures both fat breakdown and transportation, are optimized. Shut down hunger, enhance mood and vaporize fat like never before.

Increases thermogenesis and supports metabolism
Helps to burn fat faster
Supports mental focus
Increases energy levels
Improves alertness