XCD Nutrition SynthaPro 60 servings

XCD Nutrition


Synthapro is a full spectrum protein containing all of the essential amino acids.
Synthapro has been designed using research from sports and medical fields to maximize anabolism, muscle preservation, protein synthesis, bio-availability and intestinal absorption.
Synthapro is leaner than any whole source of protein and contains fewer impurities.
Whey Protein is always the first option for many, but you may have a sensitivity to dairy or just can’t do milky flavors. Well we have the solution for you, with our 100% free form amino acid protein Synthapro
Synthapro is designed to maximize muscle building though complete MTOR16 signaling while buffering tissue breakdown & BCAA oxidization. Zero bonded aminos & our coconut water electrolyte co-transport matrix means Synthapro is absorbed instantly. No bloat, no gas & no worries.

Dairy & Lactose Free
Zero Carb Zero Fat
Promote Muscle Growth
Enhance Muscle Recovery
Alternative to Whey Protein