XCD Nutrition I-Procreate PCT 60 caps

XCD Nutrition

XCD Nutrition I-Procreate

You know the three basics of muscle growth.
Training - Nutrition - Rest

Well there is a 4th. Testosterone.

You know this already, it's what athletes take to get the edge, its what turns boys into men, its what makes you feel like a bull, it is the essence of man!

What Happens when you get older? You get tired, you get weaker, your ability to recover diminishes.
Worst of all, you begin to lose muscle!!
You do not have to suffer from muscle-loss-it is (totally made up)
What you need to do is optimize your Hormone levels.

Give your body the building blocks it needs to make you the muscle building man Hormone Testosterone.
Suppress girly estrogen because it promotes fat storage & water retention.