GenXLabs V-Ripped


Sheds Body Fat - Build Lean Muscle - Enhances Recovery
1) Growth Factors
2) BCAAs
3) Thermogenics.

1) Growth Factors
Helps Sizable Gains in Lean Muscle
Helps Natural Production of Test
Helps Explosive Strength
V- Ripped contains two naturally occurring Plant Growth Factors to help support lean muscle growth. Both are helpful in increase testosterone levels and are well known in natural bodybuilding circles for its ability for lean muscle size.*

2) Anti-Catabolic BCAAs
Helps Recovery More Effectively
Helps Improved Training Intensity
Contains Branch Chain Amino Acids
3) Thermogenics

Supports Fat Loss*
Supports  Metabolism*
Supports Energy Levels*
Helps Water Retention
Helps Iacularity
GenXLabs V Ripped Other Use:

PCT, On or Off Cycles
Pre Contest, both Women and Men