USN Amino Stim 30 servings CLEARANCE


USN Amino Stim 30 servings Acai Berry

Energizing AminoStim is an Amino Acid performance powder with added energy ingredients. AminoStim features (3) patented scientifically proven ingredients for all-day Focus, Energy & Recovery support.

AminoStim is used as a pre-workout, pre-exercise, pre-sport, or anytime Amino & Energy boost. The blend of BCAAs and EAAs provides recovery benefits, Carnosyn® Beta-Alanine helps maximize muscle performance, and the energy & focus blend of Caffeine, Teacrine®, and InnovaTea® provides a sustained release.

  • Amino Acid powder with caffeine to support energy & recovery.
  • Sustained energy and focus blend.
  • 8.6g of BCAAs & 154mg of caffeine per serving, added patented Carnosyn®, Teacrine® and InnovaTea®.