SNS GlycoPhase Vas06 Mass Muscle Pumps

Serious Nutrition Solutions

SNS GlycoPhase Vas06 Mass Muscle Pumps

Serious Nutrition Solutions GlycoPhase capsules are what is known as glucose disposal agent; the GlycoPhase formula is wired to enhance the effectiveness of insulin and ensure that the carbs you eat are going towards muscle tissue and not fat gain.

VASO6 is a licensed branded ingredient that has taken the supplement industry by storm and has become so popular that some of the biggest supplement companies in the world are using it and even building entire products around it. User feedback includes dramatically improved pumps with some people reporting feeling more pumped on their non-training days than they previously did even after their workouts.

Stack Consists of:

1 Bottle of GlycoPhase
1 Bottle of VASO6