ProSupps Hyde Power Shot 2.5 oz 12 pack


Power tastes good. ProSupps Hyde Power Shot Potion is a premium performance energy drink that delivers powerful, intense, sustained energy and focus. Our unique formula includes 175mg of caffeine, BCAA and  Beta Alanine, and is perfect for athletes or anyone looking for long lasting energy and focus. Plus, it’s clean, has zero sugar, and has no artificial colors. Whether you’re lifting or just need a lift, Hyde Power Potion will keep you going long and strong.†

  • 350mg of caffeine per serving for intense energy.
  • Infused with TeaCrine for sustained, long-lasting energy & focus.
  • Powerful Energy & Performance Matrix.
  • 0 Sugar, 0 Carbs, 0 Calories.
  • No Artificial Colors. Gluten free, dairy free.