Gaspari Plasmajet 60 caps.

Gaspari Nutrition

Gaspari Plasmajet 60 caps.

The Ultimate NO2 Expander!

For those of you that have been in the fitness arena for a long time, you remember PlasmaJet. It was the best selling nitric oxide expander for years, but then was discontinued. Well Gaspari Nutrition has finally brought it back after popular demand with their Myotrophic Hyper-Expansion Growth Kit!

Everyone knows that Nitric Oxide is one of the most powerful muscle building compounds that is found in the human body. Countless companies claim that their nitric oxide product is the most advanced and will increase your NO levels more than anything else. And while it is true that some of these products will increase nitric oxide levels, almost all of them won't boost it enough that you will actually notice increase in strength and size from taking them...well that is until now with PlasmaJet.

PlasmaJet is the first nitric oxide product that will not only give you those intense vascular pumps that you crave, but will actually help with increasing your size, strength and lean muscle mass...that you will actually notice! Throw away your old nitric oxide supplement and get PlasmaJet!

So what should youe expect when taking PlasmaJet?

Crazy Muscle Pumps & Muscle Swelling
Insane Vascularity
Noticable Gains in Lean Muscle Mass
Increased Stamina and Energy
More Strength and Power Output
Enhanced Delivery of Nutrients, Blood and Oxygen to Your Muscles
This is everything a muscle building NO product should offer and you get it all in one supplement.

The reason you don't see the results and pumps you want from other nitic oxide supplements is because of a muscle wasting molecule called the Arginase Enzyme. This terrible enzyme is known for turning nitric oxide precursors into useless byproducts giving you no results and no benefits at all. Just a waste. So no matter what product you take, how many nitric oxide ingredients you put in your body, this enzyme doesn't allow you to go beyond your genetic limits.


PLasmaJet is the first and only NO product to not only increase NO levels, but to completely deactivate and inhibit the Arginase Enzyme.