Competitive Edge Labs PCT Assist

Competitive Edge Labs

Competitive Edge Labs PCT Assist

PCT Assist has been formulated for coming off of a cycle or just simply to use as a natural t-booster. Completely safe and natural! This is the ideal PCT supplement for every growth factor.  

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 capsules

Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving:

7-Methoxyflavone – 125 mg.

Indole 3 Carbinol – 175 mg.

Horny Goat Weed (Standardized for 20% Icariin) – 250 mg.

Mucuna Pruriens SE (Precision Blended 95% & 20% L-Dopa Extracts) – 250 mg.

Piperine (95%) – 20 mg