Outlier Nutrition Upsurge 280 ct

Outlier Nutrition

Outlier Nutrition Upsurge 280 ct

Testosterone is the main hormone associated with increasing muscle mass, strength gains.

Upsurge is scientifically formulated with 8 ingredients and contains over 4200mg per serving. Anyone looking to help boost testosterone levels, increase libido, and increase muscle mass should benefit from upsurge.

DAA – increases testosterone levels, increase muscle growth, increase energy, increase fat loss.

Tribulus Terrestris – elevates testosterone levels and enhances sex drive.

Vitamin D3 - improves muscle function.

Prolensis – enhances lean body mass and reduction of body fat mass, increases testosterone.

Vitamin B6 – increases protein building.
Magnesium (Aspartate) - increases strength, hormone balance, increases recovery.

Zinc- enhances testosterone levels.