Outlier Nutrition Expansion 30 servings (DISCONTINUE)

Outlier Nutrition

Outlier Nutrition Expansion 30 servings

Helps Increases Nitric Oxide (NO) Production Which Leads To Bigger Pumps. 

Helps Improves Cell Hydration And Volume. 

Helps Maximizes Blood Flow.

If you prefer not to take stimulants or train later in the evening, then most pre workouts won’t work for you. Expansion is a stimulant free pre workout that you can take anytime of the day or night. Expansion has 6 grams of Citrulline Malate and 1.5grams of Hydromax (glycerol powder 65%) per serving to ensure muscle cell hydration and an increase in nitric oxide production leading to bigger pumps while you train.  Expansion also helps to reduce lactic acid build up allowing you to recover from your workout faster.  This pump formula is tremendously effective on its own, but also stacks great with Outlier Nutrition’s Deviation for an even better workout experience!