NutraKey Agmatine Powder 30gms


NutraKey Agmatine Powder

Increase blood flow and vascularity for better performance; speed up recovery; improve mental clarity and lower stress.

Derived from L-Arginine and primarily found in neurons throughout the brain and body, Agmatine is known best for its role in nervous system function and metabolic activity; including nitric oxide production, stress hormone reduction, and increased insulin sensitivity. Studies have also shown promise for alleviating neuropathic pain and even drug addiction through Agmatine supplementation.

Muscle Pump, Vascularity, Increased Nutrient Delivery
As an important component in nitric oxide synthase (nitric oxide promotes vasodilation – blood vessel expansion), Agmatine may help increase blood flow, vascularity, and muscle pumps. As a result of the increased blood flow, more vital nutrients and amino acids are able to reach your muscles and be used for protein synthesis – potentially increasing the speed and efficiency of muscle tissue growth and repair.*

Because agmatine is non-stimulant, it can be stacked with any of your other favorite pre-workout supplements to enhance muscle pumps, growth and vascularity. Many users stack it with other Non-Stimulant or Citrulline Malate products, or others Agmatine