Metabolic Nutrition CGP 40 servings

Metabolic Nutrition

Metabolic Nutrition CGP 40 servings
Metabolic Nutrition C.G.P Creatine-Glycerol-Phosphate is a top creatine supplement that delivers pure 100% stable phosphate bonded creatine for better absorption.Unlike creatine monohydrate which mostly converts into "Creatinine" (a toxic and unusable form of creatine) once mixed in liquid, C.G.P.'s chemical structure is strong enough to be mixed in any beverage without any degradation or conversion to creatinine. C.G.P. serves as its own high energy, phosphate and electrolyte reservoir, contributing to the production of ATP, delaying fatigue, increasing strength, and magnifying endurance.

CGP to be instantly assimilated into the blood stream after it's been ingested
no cramping, no nausea... 100% stable pH balanced
CGP rapidly enters the blood stream without any conversion to creatinine
Fuels the ATP cycle as well as increases contractibility and muscle torque energy which will enhance both strength and endurance with no water weight, bloat or stress on the kidneys.
Enhances Energy Levels
Enhances Phosphate and Electrolyte Reservoir
Contributes to the production of ATP
Increases Strength
Prolongs physical stamina
Improves nutrient utilization and muscle recovery