Labrada Super Charge Pre-Workout 25 servings


Labrada Super Charge Pre-Workout 25 servings

Super Charge! contains EFFECTIVE AMOUNTS of 10 performance enhancing ingredients. Super Charge! DOES NOT CONTAIN ineffective sprinkles of active ingredients, which is common in some pre-workout formulas containing proprietary blends. Super Charge! gives you effective amounts of performance enhancing active ingredients, so you get GREAT workouts and GAINS in strength, endurance, mental focus, and recovery. Super Charge! is designed to optimize and enhance your strength, endurance, mental focus and recovery so you can push through your workouts with greater drive and motivation. 

•10 Performance Enhancers in 1 Scoop

5gms BCAAs for Needed Muscle Recovery

•5gms of Creatine Monohydrate for Strength

•2gms Beta Alanine for Endurance

•350mg of Caffeine for Energy

•1gm Citrulline Nitrate for a great Muscle Pump