Labrada Collagen Peptides


Labrada Collagen Peptides are sourced from grass-fed, pasture raised cattle to ensure the highest quality protein.

Helps Support Bone and Joint Health

•Help Strengthen Hair and Nails


•Contains Hydrolyzed Type I & III Collagen Peptides

•Help Maintain Skin Health

•Flavorless and Mixes Easily

Labrada Collagen Peptides are free of gluten, sugar, soy, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, artificial preservatives and additives. 

Labrada Collagen Peptides:

• Help to support healthy joints and skin*

• Hydrolyzed for easy digestion*

• Unflavored, water soluble and easyto mix in coffee, protein shakes,soups, and other recipes.