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Get lean. Get fit. Get ready. 14 to Lean from Gunner Peterson offers the "Hollywood Fit" in just 14 days! 14 to Lean is a complete state-of-the-art product that contains key elements that will aid in the achievement of your goals.

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The latest innovation in rapid anti catabolic weight loss, formulated to specifically promote superior definition and fat loss in a period of 14 days.

Wish you could get the same attention that elite athletes and beautiful hollywood celebrities get from their personal trainers? Don't you want to know their secret? Now is your chance it requires some hard work and sensible eating. It's having an easy to follow program. It's gunnar Peterson system and 14 to lean. 14 to lean is a complete state of the art product that includes 3 dietary supplement formulas along with an easy to follow 14 day pro gram of dietary intakes, exercise routines and other key elements you will need to achieve optimal results.

14 to lean provides both men and women with the same advanced fitness regimen and technology that gunnar Peterson shares with top athletes, a list celebrities and people in the spotlight who need to look incredible in short notice. Gunnar Peterson is a beverly hills based personal trainer whose clients include hollywood a list film, television and music celebrities, as well as professional athletes. Understandably, these 20 plus years of acclaimed work with high profile clients has made gunnar one of the most sought after fitness experts.