Black Magic BZRK 25 servings

Black Magic

Black Magic BZRK

If you're looking for a Pre-Workout that will make you go absolutely Bazerk, then look no further than BZRK by Black Magic. This insane pre-workout is packed with a whopping 350mg of caffeine, that's more than three and a half cups of coffee. With just one scoop of this pre-workout, you'll be hit with extreme energy and will feel like you've just been granted magic powers. 

Black Magic BZRK is a hard hitting pre-workout designed to do it all. Containing 12 active ingredients

This pre-workout is not for first time supplement users, it's powerful stuff. It will however deliver enhanced performance to more experienced users during their workouts.

BZRK delivers a hefty dose of Citrulline Malate and Glycer Pump. It also contains the powerful and hard hitting stimulants.