Betancourt Nutrition Muscle Serum 2 lbs (DISCONTINUE)


Betancourt Nutrition Muscle Serum 2 lbs

Research suggests that the combination of whey and casein protein is superior to whey alone in supporting lean mass and recovery.
MUSCLE SERUM was created by an exercise physiologist-led, in-house lab, and manufacturing team inspired by new, cutting-edge discoveries in protein/amino acid combinations for post-exercise. MUSCLE SERUM supports recovery and gains with a blend of whey, whey isolate, milk, and casein proteins, each with a varying rate of digestion.

MUSCLE SERUM INCLUDES: RPM Factors, a high protein colostrum concentrate containing immunoglobulins and growth factors that are banned substance-free and supports recovery and performance.
6.5g of BCAAs (2.9g leucine, 1.8g isoleucine, 1.8g valine per serving) to further support lean mass and recovery.
25g of total protein per serving in a full disclosure blend.