IronMag Labs Super Andro Stack

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What Makes This Stack so Powerful?

Super 1-Andro Rx

This prohormone is the main part of this stack and is there for a few main reasons. If you are looking to build up mass and strength in the shortest amount of time, 1-Andro Rx is a prohormone you want included in the stack...and exactly why it's here. 1-Andro is one of the few prohormones that converts to 1-Testosterone. Customers love using 1-Andro because of the physique changes, especially when trying to cut, get that dryer look and increase strength at the same time!

Super 4-Andro Rx

This isn't your regular run of the mill 4-andro ingredient. It's the next generation of 4-andro. Customers looking to blast through a plateau in training...this is the prohormone for you. Expect increases in lean muscle mass and stength. Great for people looking to increase their overall size and mass. Not only that, but it helps increase aggression and gives you that alpha male feeling all day long.

Ultra Male Rx

This was added to the stack to not only help increase natural testosterone levels, but to keep your estrogen levels in check. It has been shown to reduce bad estrogen levels by up to 35%, which is great especially during a PCT. With Ultra Male, you can take it throughout your entire cycle or just PCT. Expect extra strength, a bigger libido and less side from estrogen when taking it.

E-Control Rx 2.0

This is one of the most powerful aromatase inhibitor on the market today. You take this product during your PCT to help block excess estrogen. Helps eliminate the risk of gyno, helps boost libido and helps reduce water retention in the body. Another great benefit of E-Control Rx 2.0 is it's ability to help control cortisol levels.

Advanced Cycle Support

When taking any prohormone cycle, you always want to make sure your body is in the best of health. You don't want any side effects from compounds such as prohormones and testosterone boosters. With Advanced Cycle Support, it's extra insurance against these negative side effects. It will help boost immunity, help you maintain a healthy hormone balance and help fight off possible toxic effects from prohormones and other compounds. Take it during your entire on cycle.

Benefits & Results

•Massive Increases in Strength

•Build More Lean Muscle & Overall Size

•More Aggression & Alpha Male Feeling

•Increase Libido and Sex Drive

•Burn More Fat & Get That Dry, Hard Look


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