Sinister Labs Panic Pancakes Mix

Sinister Labs

Start your day like a winner with Panic Pancakes Buttermilk Blaze pancakes. These flavorful and filling pancakes pack in 20 grams of protein per serving - and they do it without any of the artificial ingredients you’ll find in the average commercial pancake mix.

Combine the Buttermilk Blaze mix with water and cook on the griddle as part of your regular morning routine. Mix in Angry Mills Peanut Powder for extra protein and caffeine, and top with fruits, syrup or your favorite Angry Mills Spreads for a great start to a successful day.

What It Contains: Panic Pancakes Buttermilk Blaze pancake mix has been optimized to support your nutrition needs, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a daily gym rat.

One serving of Panic Pancakes Buttermilk Blaze pancakes includes:

Total protein: 20g

Total fat: 5g

Total carbs: 19g

Dietary fiber: 4g

Sodium: 350mg


Panic Pancakes Buttermilk Blaze pancakes contain:

No Artificial Preservatives

No Artificial Sweeteners

No Trans Fats

No Added Sugars