NutraKey Biotin 60 caps


NutraKey Biotin 60 caps

From preventing hair loss and skin problems to strengthening brittle nails, Biotin supplementation supports the overall health and strength of your most visible body parts.*

By improving the elasticity of the hair’s cortex, Biotin supports hair strength and helps prevent breakage and loss. In addition to this, dry skin and brittle nails are thought to be caused by Biotin deficiencies and have been reversed through even short periods of supplementation.* It’s no wonder they call Biotin the beauty vitamin!

When it comes to burning fat and shedding weight, the efficiency of our digestive system as it converts food into energy is of utmost importance. Simply put, if our body doesn’t have the raw materials necessary to effectively breakdown the fat, carbohydrates, and protein we consume, then we’re much more likely suffer from fatigue and low energy levels – especially in the gym. Biotin facilitates this process by helping your healthy stomach bacteria consume and digest food after it enters your body.*

Through this process, Biotin is also thought to have a significant impact on the regulation of blood sugar and insulin levels, and may even help to prevent fat accumulation from excess carbohydrates. In addition to its metabolic role, Biotin is also thought to facilitate carbon dioxide transfer – helping our bodies get rid of excess CO2 during intense workouts and potentially delaying the onset of exhaustion.*